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These are TOP 5 PANEER CURRY YOU SHOULD TRY IN INDIA, for the people who loves paneer the most.

Cottage cheese, a wonderful ingredient Loved the world over, is extremely popular in Indian cuisine.

Although the word itself is believed to be of Persian origin, references to paneer are found in
early Vedic scriptures, making it quite indigenous to the India subcontinent.

There is, therefore, no words is calling in Indian Cheese!

1.)Dum Paneer Kali Mirch



A little black pepper magic is enough to make a recipe deviate from the usual.

This paneer recipe is a fragrant curry brightened by black pepper.

It has paneer chunks in a luscious creamy gravy with mild spices and black pepper.

Serve with steamed rice or any Indian bread to have a wholesome meal.

You can exclude the cream if you want to make it low fat.

This is one of the recipe which comes under TOP 5 PANNER CURRY YOU SHOULD TRY IN INDIA.


2.)Paneer Butter Masala



A delicious and rich butter based paneer dish, cooked in a creamy, milk gravy with the goodness of tomato and onion.

Perfect for dinner parties, this paneer recipe is a very popular one with an aromath
at will instantly palpitate your taste buds.


3.)Paneer Makhani



Not only is this peoples favorite, but it’s also one of the most famous Punjabi dishes and is very easy to make.

These succulent cottage cheese cubes are mixed with a smooth sauce made with tomatoes, garlic, ginger, and cream.

For an added flavor, cashew paste is also added, which helps make the gravy smooth and thick as well.

This is best served with roti and naan. People who love rice they have it with basmati rice.


4.)Paneer Lababdar



Paneer Lababdar is an authentic Punjabi accompaniment that has a luscious combination of cottage cheese and exotic gravy made from tomato puree, chopped onions, cashew nuts and spices.

It goes very well with Indian bread like Butter and Garlic Naan, Laccha Paratha and can be served with Jeera Rice, Dal Makhani as well.

Here is how to make it in restaurant style.


5.)Palak Paneer



Palank paneer is another delicious and colourful dish made by adding panner to spinach gravy.

Therefore,there are so many ways palak paneer recipe is made.

The recipe shared here will give you palak paneer that tastes much better than what is served in most restaurants.

If you love to preserve the vibrant color of spinach, then this recipe is must try.

Palak is not balanced here which helps to retain the nutrients,taste and color of your dish.


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