Hello everyone ! I am back with another blog  I thought summer is coming so here are some quick mocktail recipes.

A mocktail is a cocktail without the liquor. Instead, juices, sodas, infused waters and many other non-alcoholic ingredients, mixed in just the right ratios, provide flavor.

1) Virgin Cucumber Gimlet

This Bombay Sapphire gimlet gets a refreshing twist from muddled cucumber, which lends a smooth clean note to the crisp gin and fresh lime juice.

To make Virgin Cucumber Gimlet you need

1.5 club soda
4-5 slices of muddled cucumber
1 fresh lime juice
1 simple syrup


Combine all ingredients and shake with ice. Serve in a rocks glass over crushed ice. Garnish with a rolled cucumber slice.

2) Cranberry Apple Mocktail

Cranberry Apple Cocktail brings all the best winter holiday vibes. A delicious fizzy bit of excitement for your fall and winter parties.

To make Cranberry Apple Mocktail you need

1-2 Tablespoons Cranberry Apple Syrup
Chilled Water
5ml of Apple Cider


Add the Cranberry Apple Syrup to the glass, depending on your desired sweetness

Top with Seltzer Water and a splash of apple cider
Garnish with a lemon.

3) Lime Rickey

The lime rickey is a refreshingly tart combination of fresh lime juice, simple syrup, and seltzer. It’s easy to make and is a great “virgin” drink for teetotalers.

To make Lime Rickey you need

1 cup freshly squeezed lime juice, from about 6 to 7 large limes
4 ounces simple syrup
12 ounces seltzer water
Lime wedges, for garnish


Gather the ingredients.
In a pitcher or a measuring cup with a spout, mix the lime juice and simple syrup.

Fill 4 glasses with ice
Divide the sweetened lime juice mixture between the glasses (about 3 ounces each).

Fill the rest of the glass with seltzer water (about 3 ounces).
Stir with a swizzle stick or a long spoon.

Garnish with a lime wedge.
Serve and enjoy.

4) The Cranberry Cutie Mocktail

Cranberry cutie cocktail recipe This delicious, non-alcoholic cocktail is packed with superfood cranberries, honey and apple juice. So if you’re driving, there’s no need to miss out!

To make Cranberry Cutie Mocktail you need

3oz red cranberry juice
3oz apple juice
1oz honey
orange for garnish


Fill a glass with ice cubes
Mix the juices and honey in another glass.

Stir it all with a long spoon.
pour the contents of mixing glass into the ice glass and decorate with a orange.

5) Strawberry mojito

When it’s hot outside, this strawberry mojito recipe is also perfect. It’s refreshing, perfectly sweet, fruity and fragrant of the season.

To make strawberry mojito you need

3-4 strawberry
1 lemon
7-8 Mint leaves
Sugar powder
Ice cubes


Take 3 large strawberries and put them in a glass and mask it well.
Add chopped lemon and Ice cubes.

7-8 Mint leaves and muddle everything well
Add Sugar as per test
Then garnish it with lemon slice.

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